Mimecast is an email archiving application that enforces retention policies in email.  This will enable the organization to handle and support the long term goal of archiving emails that are required to be retained for certain periods of time due to legal or compliance reasons.

Since March 2019 every copy of all in and outbound email that has been sent/received has been archived via our Mimecast Cloud Service. This occurs ongoing 24 hours a day. Items not archived are contacts and task unless they are sent via email. Also not archived are personal appointments you might place on your calendar. Availability and use of “retention folders” as well as how long emails can ultimately be retained is being reviewed by our Legal department. At this time we have no ETA when those decisions will be made however once made formal communications will be sent out to the organization.

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  • If you need the Mimecast Email Archive Outlook Plugin or assistance with the process please call the Norton Healthcare Help Desk at 502-629-8911, press option 1.