MyApps – Remote Desktop to PC


MyApps is a fully secure remote access solution that leverages Citrix software that is available for you to use on any of your personal devices and is our single solution for secure personal device remote access.

*Must use Duo 2Factor to access*

1) Software Required

MyApps utilizes Citrix’s Workspace to securely connect to Norton resources from your device.

If you do not already have Citrix Software installed you can obtain it for your device(s)

2) Login Information

The MyApps login process uses your network login ID (AHSN, PHYS, VEND, etc) and Duo 2Factor to authenticate your access.

3) Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is a Two-Factor authentication service required for remote access. Utilizing a mobile application, installed and configured on your phone, Duo Mobile provides an additional layer of authentication.

If not already configured, instructions can be found here.

‎Duo Mobile
‎Duo Mobile
Developer: Duo Security
Price: Free
Duo Mobile
Duo Mobile
Developer: Duo Security LLC
Price: Free

DUO Installation and enrollment document

4) Site Link

5) Remote Desktop Icon

Once you have logged into MyApps you will look for the “RDP” Icon. Click that icon and log in with your network account to access the designated PC that has been setup for you

How do I get help if needed?

Once you log into MyApps it will display the various applications and service available to you. If you have questions around this change or need assistance with the process please call the Norton Healthcare Help Desk at 502-629-8911, select option 3