Password Self-Service

Password Self-Service

Norton Healthcare provides multiple ways to change your password when they’re expired. The following options can be utilized on and off campus for your password change needs.

Mobile Option

You will have the ability to reset your password and unlock your account via mobile device.

Quick Guide

  1. Use mobile phone camera to scan QR code for correct type of phone to open an App Store
  2. Open the Application
  3. Configure the  Application setting using the guides below
    1. Link to Apple Guide
    2. Link to Android Guide
  4. Login and you are set up

Web Access Option

This site allows users to change and unlock their own passwords as needed. Individuals will need to enroll on the site to generate security questions and answers prior to utilizing the service. The following steps outline the process.

Norton Password policy

  • Passwords must be changed every 90 days.
  • Complex passwords required.
    • Upper/Lower Case, Number or Symbol.
    • Must be at least 8 characters long.

If you use Norton email

  • After your password has been reset, or if you have reset your password on the Norton Password Self Service site (PWSS)  You must change your password in the settings on your iOS/Android device, Instructions are below.

If you use Norton Wi-Fi

  • These guides will walk you through forgetting a Norton wireless network on your mobile devices. You will need to follow this process after you have changed the password for your Norton Network Account (AHSN/PHYS/VEND) if you are connected to NLink, NortonMed, or any Norton Network that requires Network Account Credentials.