Vocera technology allows instant hands-free voice calls, improving patient care coordination, and enhancing staff and patient safety by reducing response times.

LMS Course Information:

  • Vocera Platform Staff Assignment for End Users (v6.2) (WBT20KR205)
  • Vocera Smartbadge Training WBT (WBT20KR204)
  • Vocera – Introduction to the Vocera B3000N Badge (NCI Only) (WBT18KR173)
  • Vocera Train-The-Trainer/Super User (ILT20KR017)
  • Vocera Web Console/Staff Assignments (ILT20KR016)
  • Vocera Smartbadge End User/Alarm to Badge Training (ILT20KR015)

Support Guides:

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Need Help?

  • If you need the desktop application or assistance with the process please call the Norton Healthcare Help Desk at 502-629-8911