Welcome Aboard Norton Healthcare!

This is where you begin your Norton journey!
On this page you will find many resources to assist you.

TIGERCONNECT – Clinical Solutions (Formally Known As TIGERTEXT):

  • TigerText essentials allows you to communicate safely and securely with colleagues at the point of care from your smartphone/tablet, web, or Norton desktop.

Remote Access:

  • MyApps – is a fully secure remote access solution that leverages Citrix software that is available for you to use on any of your personal devices and is our single solution for secure personal device remote access. Duo mobile is required for remote access.
  • Duo Mobile – Is a two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication.

WiFi Services:

  • At Facilities that have Norton Wifi, Physicians, Surgeons, Clinical Educators, Resident, and Nurse Practitioners can leverage “Nlink” or “NortonMed” for all personal devices. This is a protected high speed guest Wifi network. Content is filtered and monitored.
  • When prompted enter Network ID and password.
  • “Allow” if you prompted for certificate install (Not needed for all devices)

Password Self-Services:

  • Norton Healthcare provides multiple ways to change your password when they’re expired. Password length must be a minimum of eight characters and the previous five passwords cannot be used. All Norton Healthcare users will be required to change their passwords every 90 days.

Epic Mobile Apps – Haiku/Canto:

  • Mobile Application access is limited to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Residents, and Physician Assistants.
    • Haiku is designed for your mobile phones
    • Canto is designed for your mobile tablets
  • Important: If you have not yet completed the required Epic training and been granted access this step must be completed before you can proceed.
  • Required LMS Training Course: Either course taken will trigger enrollment email to provider
    • Providers who only want Haiku WITHOUT Charge Capture should take Haiku Quick Start Guide for iOS Users For Norton Healthcare – Read and Sign (WBT20KR034).
    • Providers who want Haiku WITH Charge Capture should take Tip Sheet For Haiku Charge Capture PROVIDER – Read and Sign (WBT20KR035) AND Haiku Quick Start Guide for iOS Users For Norton Healthcare – Read and Sign (WBT20KR034).
  • Download the App from your App Store on to your device(s).
    • Haiku and canto app download can be found on the General Mobile Apps support site below. Once you take the training an email will be sent to you with the install configuration information.

General Mobile Apps:

  • On this supported site your will find a number of general apps used for various applications.

Norton LMS Learning Access:

  • LMS is a Web-Based Training (WBT), Instructor-Led Training (ILT), and Exam modules delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS). These learning solutions are developed for any Norton Healthcare department – including clinical, non-clinical, and system support departments.


If you have questions or need assistance please call the Norton Healthcare Help Desk at 502-629-8911

Option 1 – Help Desk – Telecom, Desktop Support, Printing, Epic
Option 2 – then press 1 – HR, Payroll, and Benefits
Option 3 – Password, Remote Access, Mobility Support

Self Service Ticket – For non-urgent requests please go to https://support.nortonhealthcare.org, select “Click Here” under the NEED ASSISTANCE box to enter a Self Service Ticket. Thanks!